RGR Group new site

This project by Securetech, involving the development of a website for a major metallurgical enterprise in Estonia, appears to be successful and well-planned. Here are a few key steps and achievements in this project:


1. Active client involvement: The participation of the client's leaders and employees in the design and testing of the product is an essential aspect of successful website development. It allows for meeting the client's needs and expectations, which is a crucial factor in creating a successful product.

2. Development of a placeholder website stage: Developing a temporary business card website with essential information and contacts at the beginning of the project allowed the client to have an online presence early on, even if the previous website was lost http://new.rgr.ee/main. This can be useful for maintaining communication with clients and partners.

3. Multilingualism: Developing the website in three languages is a significant achievement, especially if the enterprise deals with a multilingual audience or has international clients and partners.

4. Full version stage: Creating a full-fledged website in three languages within a few months is evidence of efficient and swift work. It enables the client to present their product on the internet in a short timeframe.

Overall, Securetech's project for developing a website for a metallurgical enterprise in Estonia appears to be a successful example of collaboration between the client and the developer, considering the importance of client involvement, multilingualism, and the prompt execution of the project.