Security Testing
At SecureTech we are passionate about security and delivering high-end security testing and vulnerability assessment services for our customer. There are several areas where we can help with such as infrastructure and application security testing.
Internal Penetration Testing
Assessing an internal network is a layered process – single source scanning won't provide comprehensive coverage. SecureTech will enumerate vulnerabilities across internal devices, systems, and applications through deep-dive manual penetration testing that simulates actions of a malicious attacker or user. This produces real-world results on actual vulnerabilities. SecureTech provides recommendations and remediation for founded vulnerabilities.
External Penetration Testing
Susceptibility to an external penetration attack from the Internet is one of the most common vulnerabilities. SecureTech identifies exposures due to patch or version-related issues, weak configurations, and flaws in application code. For high-value software assets or critical points-of-entry into your network, working with SecureTech begins with scanning versus penetration testing.
Application Security Testing
Website and web application attacks are a primary source for data breaches. SecureTech's application security testing leverages highly specialized tools, custom testing set-ups, and shrewd hacking techniques to identify and mitigate website security vulnerabilities. SecureTech evaluates websites and specific web applications for security vulnerabilities, and provides recommendations to your company with clear, actionable remediation instructions to improve your overall security posture.
Configuration tuning and optimization consulting
Infrastructure testing and application security testing is limited due to timeframes. Attackers have "unlimited" amount of time and can try different scenarios for weeks and months until system is compromised. In order to reduce such possibility SecureTech works with system administrators and helps with hardware and application configuration for better security, stability and speed. We check all local services and set security policies and monitoring tools, this dramatically reduces risks.
Static Application Security Testing
Building security into the software development life cycle is critical for project success. SecureTech provides static application security testing services to validate the design and implementation of an application from the inside out. This type of testing is a set of technologies designed to analyze application source code, byte code and binaries for coding and design conditions that are indicative of security vulnerabilities. SecureTech provides information about suspected vulnerabilities.
GDPR Compliance Check
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation by which the European Parliament intend to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union (EU). It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU. After a two-year transition period it becomes enforceable from 25 May 2018 after. SecureTech helps with infrastructure, software and process evaluation to evaluate if company GDPR compliant.
SecureTech provides consulting services in software development and secure coe writing areas.
Software Development Consulting
If you are software company that is concerned about security coding or software best practices in general, then SecureTech might help with setting of such practices and processes. We provide training and coaching for Developers and QA engineers, how to write code more securely, how to test it and how to store it
Company Infrastructure Consulting
SecureTech can help with planning of your company infrastructure. Advice how your Web and DB servers should be set and configured. What connection should be in between for data separation. What is access to these servers. What kind of monitoring systems might be needed.
Security Best Practices for Personnel
SecureTech is doing trainings for office personnel. What are basic principles of computer security. How to set robust password and how often to change it. Where and how to store password. What is encryption and where to use it. How to protect organization from phishing. And so on.
SecureTech provides software development services as well as qality assurance and test automation.
Custom Application Development
Software development is one of the areas where SecureTech is rapidly growing. At the moment we provide software development services on different programming languages such as Java, JavaScript and C#. Software services span from user experience to service layer abstraction, database design, administrative interfaces and customer management.
Dedicated Software Development Team
For customers with higher demands and for long term development SecureTech allows to create dedicated software development team. This team is allocated for specific customer only for whole project period of time. So this can be considered as remote offshore development team with no additional cost for offices, legal aspects, hiring and so on...
Branch office setup
Due to perfect IT education and lots of technology hubs in Estonia some companies want to create remote branch office here. SecureTech helps with establishing of such branch office. Solving local legal aspects, opening bank accounts, renting office, hiring people and helping with management of such office.
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