Alexey K.
Senior Backend Developer
#PHP 5.6, 7.x #TypeScript (Node.js) # JavaScript #Senior
# Developer #GL #Kyev+
Web applications development and support,
search and use of new technologies for tasks solution.
HTML5, CSS3, Linux, Nginx, Apache 2.4, PHP (5.6, 7.x), SOLID, PSR, OOP, Design Patterns, RESTfull API, Composer, Git, Docker, Vagrant, Elasticsearch, MySQL, Yii (1.x, 2.x), Laravel 5.x, Zend Framework (1.x, 2.x), Symfony 4, WordPress, Drupal, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Vue.js, Node.js, Express, Mocha, Asterisk, AWS, Redis.
Feb 2017 — to date (2 years 3 month)
Back-end Developer (Senior)
Responsibilities: SaaS projects development and support, guidance of junior developers.

Achievements: I updated an old code, eliminated vulnerabilities. I increased the speed of pages downloading. I developed new modules and sections for projects.
Dec 2013 — Feb 2017 (3 years 3 months)
Back-end Developer (Middle)
Responsibilities: development and support CRM, ERP, Lead Management for the clients from the USA, Europe.

Achievements: I automated the interaction process between the agents company and customers. I implemented the system of tickets for the customers support.
Sep 2012 — Dec 2013 (1 years 4 months)
Position: Back-end Developer (Middle)
Responsibilities: development of web interfaces, back-end development on

Yii, Kohana, PAMI, Asterisk.

Achievements: I did automatization of call center for the chain of medical centers, restaurants and other businesses.
Aug 2011 — Sep 2012 (1 year 2 months)
Back-end Developer (Junior)
Responsibilities: websites development, WordPress plugin development.
Achievements: I gained web development experience.
Recent projects
Platform for jobs/performers search (New Zealand)
The project focuses on businesses and their clients. Clients are given an opportunity to publish job announcements. In return, businesses receive notifications on new announcements and offer their terms.

Clients choose the most appropriate proposals and agree on the performance of the job required. After the job is done, clients can give their feedback and evaluate the quality of the job performed (and businesses in return can ask for feedback). Based on this, the overall rating of the businesses is formed. This rating affects the distribution of new announcements, impression of their page in search engines and display in the search results of the site.

The project is monetized by business. Businesses pay for a subscription that allows them to contact clients, indicate contacts on their pages, receive SMS from their pages, etc. Businesses should also pay for NetSentry and Streaming code services. NetSentry module allows businesses to monitor activity on their pages and other sites (facebook, yelp, yp, etc.). If businesses subscribe for the Streaming code service, they are allowed to use a generated code to integrate reviews from their accounts into another site. The project is developed using Zend Framework and Elasticsearch.
For development of the CRM I used Yii, osTicket. I expanded the osTicket API and integrated with Yii. CRM has a modular structure.

Main modules:

- customers (customer information, possibility to call and send SMS from CRM);
- tickets (customers' requests and applications);
- orders (bind to ticket);
- workflow (organization of the workflow with regard to roles);
- invoices (with the possibility to provide discounts and pay in instalments);
- price lists;
- reminders (sending reminders to clients on a schedule);
- paid consulting;
- statistics (graphs and summaries of invoices, customers, orders, agents' work).

For some actions (an agent started a working day, a client paid an invoice, etc.), I made a notification message to a Telegram chat, as well as a daily mailing (at the end of the working day, including weekends and leaves) of reporting letters to all employees about the work done by them (what has been done today).
Customer account and orders section (EU, USA)
Access to the customer account can be obtained only after filling out the order form. This is a multi-step form with multiple input fields and possibility to restore previously entered data (if the customer did not fill out the form and closed the tab, he will receive a letter with a link to the form with the previously entered data). Also I made the module that allows agents to see visitors of the order forms (IP, etc.), what data the users had entered, at which step they stopped. That module generates links for data recovery.

The customer's account consists of such sections:

- orders (bind to ticket);
- invoices (with online payment option);
- support (possibility to create tickets and correspond with agents, the history is saved, also there
is a possibility to duplicate correspondence to email);
- account settings.

Work with users, orders, etc. carried out by agents in CRM.
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