Andrew G.
Senior Backend DEVELOPER || Team Lead
#PHP #JavaScript #Senior
#Software engineer #CTO #Lead Architect #Team lead #Kyev+
Prefer these positions: Architect, Team Lead and CTO.
I don't see the limits of the new technologies, because i have experience that allow to quickly master almost any technology.

  • Yii(2),
  • PHP(7),
  • Redis,
  • Git,
  • Docker,
  • React,
  • Redux,
  • AJAX,
  • Bootstrap,
  • CSS3
  • HTML5,
  • JavaScript,
  • ES6,
  • jQuery,
  • JSON,
  • Memcache,
  • MySQL,
  • OOP,
  • REST,
  • Scrum,
  • Nginx,
  • Ubuntu etc.
  • assured
  • decisive
  • responsible
  • punctual
  • competent
  • communicable
  • attentive to the details
  • attentive to quality
  • self-study
National Transport University.
Faculty - transport and information technologies.
Speciality - Organization of transportation and management in a transport.
2016 - at now
Programmer, Project manager, Team Lead (main position), Chief Technical Officer
Alcora group
Functional responsibilities:

  • construction of the production process
  • controlling the tasks
  • developing the architectures
  • prototyping, writing technical tasks
  • communication - meeting, correspondence etc.
  • teaching - programmers and project managers
  • code quality checking
  • solving disputable moments or moments that put employees at a standstill
  • programming

  • all company projects were transferred to Git (nearly 55 pcs)
  • organization of the developing process via Docker containers, as local so and on a test server
  • autopull on test environment
  • substantial decrease of the bugs on a production server. Nearly at 90% for the main projects
  • introduced autotest, PHP Mess Detector + Codeception
  • stabilized the time management for a PMs
  • Orders Processing Interface (prototype in details PDF)- inner system for the ecommerce and trading points of the Kodi Professional company
    • technologies: Figma (prototyping), Yii2 + REST API, React, Redux
    • functions: customers management, orders management, shipping sheets management, statistics of sales for orders and products, information about storehouses, inventory management, exchange orders and balances on warehouses with a 1C accounting
  • IBF (ibeautyfest) now Viridiland - Beauty Art Festival
    • technologies: Yii2, React, Redux
    • functions: voting system on tablets for a voting (for judges), interface for displaying the results of voting process on a festival screens, interface for a quickly and mass uploading photo of the models of the members, interface for a registration exhibitors and visitors of the festival
    • Judges tablet interface (client part)
    • Additional, helping interfaces. Registration exhibitors, checking models etc.
2013 - 2016

Functional responsibilities: Full Stack Developer
2011 - 2013
Functional responsibilities:

  • Developer - backend, frontend, in the stream, there were 3-5 projects constantly
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