by Vera Zemscova and Vassili Rusmanov
New government digital service
for registration of weddings in Estonia with digital kiosk
Reduce bureaucracy and waiting time for people who want to officially register relationship. At same time advertising and popularisation of Estonian digital country.
Advertising and popularisation of Estonian digital country.
LESS bureaucracy
Reduce bureaucracy and waiting time for people who want to officially register relationship.
Marriage Increase
We believe it will increase number of registered marriages.
Most likely it will reduce costs and load for registry office.
Some Numbers
Based on and EU stats
501 782
Number of Estonian residents who filled tax declaration in 2018
% of tax declarations filled online in Estonia in 2018
6 573
Marriages in Estonia in 2018
% of birth in out marriage in Estonia in 2017
Digital Kiosk - is a station in center of Tallinn, where two residents of Estonia can contract a marriage, using just ID-cards. Entering into Kiosk can happen after on-site pre-registration that is working 24/7. It will have special and eye appealing design and will become well known showplace.
  • No human being as intermediary.
  • No excessive waiting time.
  • Authentication and data verification using just ID-cards.
  • Similar to photo booth using in police department but for two persons.
Result: rigistered and legitimate marriage
How it works
Time: from 10 to 30 minutes
Start point through
Requirements: having issued by Estonia ID-cards. This is fundamental requirement.
Sometime before actual registration application on web site should be filled.
This is needed to check overall status and to choose registration time.
Authentication to DW Kiosk
Entering into Kiosk.
Following instructions and answering to questions on display.
Ability to choose variety of additional options.
Procedure of marriage registration.
Based on additonal options: video of whole process, live on social media,...
Registration of marriage
Printing of all related documents.
Additional offerings based on selected options.
Recently we created our own "startup" - we married! During the process we visited registry office several times and then selected first available date which was month and a half ahead. Whole process required to fill papers with fields we didn't know how to accomplish and we asked for help. After all due to urgent work and travel we almost missed the date. But in the end we came up with this idea: which is modern, simple and helps to couples as we are.
Vassili and Vera
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Phone: +3725206053